Congolese impressions

First impression of Congo: there is noise.

Once the airplane touched Congolese soil the people started clapping as if a great performance had taken place. There was an everlasting clap that remained within the happiness of the plane.

The outskirts of the city of Kinshasa are as most of poor cities but darker. It seems like light has not yet arrived to the outer-city. It is phantasmagoric to see these stores just with candles and hundreds of people passing by as if it was sunday afternoon. There are little food stands everywhere along the main highway; these stands are lit with potent kerosene lamps that make the cutter seem like a cemetery feast.

Colors, bright blue, bright green, bright pink. On the back of a transport van it is written: “La Vie et dur”, it seems like it.

There are also many colorful umbrellas lighten from beneath which makes them look like night-paradisiac surrealist spots in the middle of the dark desert.


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