Description of a room

There is blue in the windows.

The windows as usual came in pairs.

Both were installed

Symmetrically opposed.

Opposed they stay. Symmetrically they stay. They stay.

A man is in between.

A man, whose eyes persistently stare at the roof.

Every day, the roof and the eyes stay.

Green remains within the room.

Fake green, real green, green nonetheless.

The roof and the walls maintain an endless dialogue with the floor.

The floor and its zig-zag lines.

The roof and the walls talk a white speech.

The melody turns into white zig-zag lines, flickering lights, flickering lines.

This is the room,

This is the room.

The room that contains the thoughts

The room that holds to a chair in a perpetual prayer

The room that portrays a city

The room framed by the same two windows.

The room is there, there it remains,

The memories are organized by the room.

The room is organized in memories.

Memories are in the room

Room for memories.


No memories, only windows.


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