Fleeing thoughts

Developed in September 2014 at De Liceiras 18 (Porto, Portugal)

“I know well what I am fleeing from but not what I am in search of.” -Michel de  Montaigne

Fleeing is an act of cowardice. Is an act of rebellion. Is an act of contradiction. What does it mean to flea? From what is it possible to flea from? Could fleeing be a political act? Is it a counterproductive act? Who has fled and for which reasons?

Pieces of this project:
– Diccionary without the possibility of fleeing (Dicionário sem posibilidade de fuga), intervened dicctionary
– The sky is bluer on the postcard, collage
– My cowardice has no size, installation
– Letter to myself, text-based art
– Anti-fleeing shield (Escudo), object-art, collage, performance
All of the pictures were taken by artist Kirsten Heuschen


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