Letter #4

Letter to myself 2
Letter to myself – part of the “On fleeing” project

You need to forgive yourself. It is not always necessary to be the bravest woman alive. It is important to recognize that there are bigger matters than yourself. It is ok to say “I cannot take this challenge at the moment”. Not having done something doesn’t mean that you are a perpetual coward or that you are uncapable of realizing projects or challenge yourself. You need to forgive yourself for being afraid. Of course that you shouldn’t let fear dictate your life, but being afraid from time to time is also not the worse thing in the world. You need to let go and stop thinking of all the mistakes you’ve made out of fear in the course of your life. We all make mistakes and its from mistakes that we learn. I understand that it is hard to forgive after having made a decision because you will never know what would have happened if you had done otherwise. Be certain that thinking obsesivelly on the “what if?” can turn anyone crazy. There are paths in life, there are decisions and those decisions carve the life we live afterwards, but it is not only decisions that shape our lives but ourselves, our way of living, of breathing those decisions. One of the most valuable lessons is to let go. To understand that nothing is forever and that nothing belongs to you. The world is a fugitive on its own. It is ours for a moment and then it flees away. Nothing is forever, you need to repeat that to yourself. Above all, nothing is ever ours. Life is a fugitive gift. I know that you frequently say that you came to this world to learn, that sounds really beautiful, but you sometimes forget that learning is not always easy and that lessons are many times unexpected. It doesn’t help to fight against a lesson, to evade it, not to see it. A lesson that needs to be learned will come back in a different form, with a different face. Now I was expecting to learn about positioning myself, to express ideas, but I have come to realice that once more the lesson is that of self discovery, of self acceptance. I share this with you because I intuit that you are going through a similar experience. It seems that the time has come to stand infront of the mirror, to see ourselves as we truly are, to accept our mistakes, to like our talents, to understand our fears. Time has come to stop being a fugitive to ourselves, to life, to experiences, to forgiveness. Time has come for us to accept that life is a gift, I repeat, a fugitive gift.


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