What does it mean to speak?

What would trees say if they could speak? Speech is what makes human political. Politics lay on the logics of agonism and antagonism, on the power that this movement creates. How are we to live in a community that understands the dissensus?

The city, the polis, is a political community, it is a music score for the writing of different voices. What does it mean to be able to speak? What is the true capacity of speech? It would be too simple to say that a voice is the sound made by the vocal folds located on our throats. The voice is more that the strength of our lungs and the power of our tongues. It is more than the concavity of our mouths and the resonance of our teeth. Voice is more than sound.

How are we to explain the silent and harmonic movement that branches do when they grow? Is it because branches don’t speak that they manage to stay peacefully alongside other branches? Our world allows some to speak, there are more than words in the act of speech. Could the city be a platform for the eloquent and diverse citizen as the water and the earth allow the willow tree to expand its possibilities in a horizontal manner?


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