This video reflects upon the instauration of the archive as a political act. It questions the similarities between the archive and the structure of prisons in its position as guardians. This reflection is illustrated by a visual walk around Mexico’s National Archive located in the previous prison called Lecumberri, the first panopticum prison in the country.

Tímidos profanados (The Profane Shies). Frida Robles (historian, text-based artist) and Diego Zavala (musician, photographer). Artists based in La Ciudad de México. We met in a bus, and now our journey is to explore and share the chronicles of our surrounding. We´re shy birds in a human cage, we suffer a constant mutational syndrome as we shout to find freedom through the written, sounding and visual poetry.

This video was a contribution to the January 2015 Conference “Validating Historical Photographs and the Role of the ‘Archive'” in Buea, Cameroon, organized by African Photography Initiatives.


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