Kuwait City

Do you care about killing people for money?

To be honest, not anymore. At the beginning it was a bit hard. I had to choose between following my dream of becoming a chef or earning some money for my family. And it is not everyday that someone offers you such a good opportunity. I get a load of cash every month and I can go around taking care of my own business most of the time. I hate these people anyhow. These arabs. They’re screwing the world aren’t they? I went to Kuwait 4 years ago. Four years in the fucking desert. Far away from my family, with all those fuckers that cannot even formulate a simple sentence in English. I had to learn the numbers to get by. I start recognizing the letters now. Arabic is hard man! Me and my roommates, we like to cook in our free days. We love burgers and cheesecake. Look at these pork ribs, beautiful, I made them. We airfried some pastry the other day. You’ve never seen an air fryer before? I love that machine. That is my house. She is my daughter, she is 14. She wants to be a dancer and study in Paris. Guess who is gonna pay for that? That will be expensive. I told her: you have to work for that! But of course I will be the one paying for that. She is so beautiful. Here we are, the two of us in California. This is my wife’s name. She is my second wife. 15 years we’ve been together man! Time flies! I know that it is already 15 years because my daughter is 14. Wow. Don’t get married. You are better off alone. Trust me. I was deeply in love with my first wife. She was una americana, a white woman. I meet her in Puerto Rico. Do you want some chewing gum? It’s always good to have a chewing gum on an airplane. What was I saying? Yes, about love. My wife now she is a good woman. I’ve seen her grow, she is a therapist now. She was a student when I met her. It is nice to go through someone else’s process. They also see you fall and stand on your feet again. I have another daughter, the elder one, she is in college, she is 21 now. She decided to be angry at me 2 years ago. I told her that she could stay home, I paid for everything, but that the priorities should be school and sports. But no, the boyfriend had to be a priority. My other daughter has a boyfriend as well, he is called Marco. I don’t like that guy. Yes we can be jealous, us fathers. One of my roommates is a filipino guy. He wanted to buy this bike, the military one, I bought this other one, it was cheaper. Here I took my boys to eat sushi. In Kuwait there are these places with “all you can eat” for 15 dollars. They have salads and fish and you can stay there as long as you want. My hobby is cooking . I was never so much into reading. I cannot do it. I only read what interests me. I prefer to watch movies. What kind of movies do you like? I like the military movies, funny movies, action movies. Which kind of music do you like? Do you know Amy Winehouse? My Ipod has tons of music, that’s how I survived the last flight. I’m thinking of buying a house in Italy, in Florence, or maybe in Spain. No, I already checked, there are no restrictions for foreigners. You just buy it. They are about 43,000 euros. I still rent my house back in California. I don’t know if I should buy it or not. It’s 320,000 dollars. That’s expensive man! You get used to killing you know? Is just another job and on top you are helping the nation. I joined the military when I was 22. I learned Spanish in Colombia and Puerto Rico. I was on service there. In this photo we are fishing, my boys and I. It is Kuwait City. Can you see the towers behind? They are really famous, they do night shows with music and lights every week. Is nice. You see the fish I caught? Yes, we just get small fish. No, we don’t cook them, we just put them back into the water. Fucking Kuwait man! But I mean we all need money don’t we?


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