Apam stories

Participatory research project developed in February 2014 at Haduwa Arts and Culture Institute (Apam, Republic of Ghana)

“Apam tells a different story. There was a man. He was a fisherman. He came from a site called Manchi. And then he came here. But when he came here he was catching big fishes. In Apam we call those fishes Apa. I don’t know the English name. One day the man thought “if I stay here it will help me”. So, when he first came, he looked around and saw no one. But then he saw some smoke going up, which means that someone was burning something. And it was a definite sign that someone was around. So he descended to check who was down there. And he came to see a man and he asked for the permission to settle the animals. And he said “you can settle anywhere you like around here”. So, the man settle at this place. You can see that hill down there, close to the tree, that is where he settled. That place is called Acobrim. That is where he first settle. Then later he came back to bring his families to join him.” – Kobina Essandoh 
Recollection of the local stories of Apam and Abrekum, Ghana

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Performance on site with the written stories in collaboration with GoLocal and Daniel Aschwanden, Apam, 2014.