Ministère des rêves

Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird

That cannot fly. – Langston Hughes

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The Ministry of Dreams (Ministère des rêves) is an intervention/installation at the University of Cheikh Anta Diop located in Dakar, Senegal. It is a call to dreams, a built passage to find playfulness and dreaminess in a place where many times is not seen as such. In my walks through the university I have seen numerous advertisements for students to go abroad; an unspoken land of dreams is placed outside of the university perimeters, outside of Dakar, outside of Senegal. Once while having a dialogue with Congolese dancer Faustin Linyekula I asked him what was poverty for him; he answered with absolute confidence: the lack of dreams.

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Thanks to the support of Raw Material Company. Project developed during the Session 2 of the Raw Academy.

15 minute settlement

Participatory research art project with visual artist  Nisrine Boukhari, part of “Un-titled” project research, Vienna 2014.

Through our paradox of a “15 minute settlement” we want to create a situation in the city. Is there a place for nomadic/wandering identities in contemporary cities? More and more,people are leaving the place where they were born and are residing in many different places throughout their lives.

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There are no more fixed urban settlements (if there ever were) and cities are not any longer inhabited by its citizens. People for several reasons are forced to leave their places of origin (political, social and cultural conflicts, economic situations, among others). Other people decide to leave their places of origin. There are nomadic behaviors (state of living) and wandering behaviors (state of mind). The mind and the body are in movement. These movements affect the places where they are subscribed. This is the question we want to address; can we have 15 minute settlements? Can we develop strategies to include the people that have nomadic or wandering life styles? What does it mean for a city to have a 15 minute settlement? This instant settlement makes a statement in the city for all the people that don’t have a space that they can call their own, but furthermore it raises the question about the necessity of identity. How are identities formed and more importantly, do they need to be connected to a space? How can a city handle contradicting identities?

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