There is no king without a custom

The genealogy of politics has been closely tied with the animals’ nature. The sagacity of the fox, the fierceness of the tiger, the domain of the lion, the silent steps of the pigeon, the sneakiness of the mouse, the force of the rhinoceros.


We have gradually lost our self-description as animals, as mammals. Plato says that humans were second rate animals, and that this disadvantageous situation could be seen in how our nails had become a mockery of claws. Our skin is also fragile, unprotected. We arm ourselves with the skin of the strong. Furthermore, it is with the animals’ horns, figurative phallus, with which men re-invigorate themselves to rule. There are no animal vaginas portrayed as powerful. How would the world look like when we are all –finally- naked? When we recover our own bodies and the phallus will no longer be erected as the sole monument of government.

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The power comes with garments, there are hierarchies of symbols and of clothes. The skin of the one becomes the crown of the other. Every political act is a performative act. 

There is no king without a costume. There are no queens without thrones. Does every political act need a stage for it to be believed upon?

Part of the “Multiple Gazes of a Country’s Photographed Past“, a publication by African Photography Initiatives – APhILink to the publication

Are there words left to write?

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Yo no soy aquella que toma esta fotografía en un cuarto obscuro de un país lejano. Yo no soy aquella que alguna vez sonrió y lloró de alegría. Yo no soy aquella que algún día escribió una línea que conmovió a un otro. Yo no soy la que fotografía estas líneas.

Erasing my personal history

Developed in November 2014 at the Residency 108 (New York State, USA)

“If you have no personal history, no explanations are needed; nobody is angry or disillusioned with your acts. And above all no one pins you down with their thoughts. It is best to erase all personal history because that makes us free from the encumbering thoughts of other people.” Carlos Castaneda (Don Juan)


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I decided to write 29 sad memories, one for each year that I had lived. The words that Don Juan tells to Castaneda were more than challenging. What could be more radical that to erase your own history? Memory attaches itself to ego and desires, to expectations and sadness. Personal memory is a mirror upon which you look at yourself and formulate a self. Could I go around without history? Without sad memories? Would I be more open to life, to the worl without personal history?


“The destruction or permanent end of something” Oxford Dictionary, 2014