Si pudiera

Si pudiera elegir

Nacería del mismo modo

Con la misma piel y la misma lengua

Si pudiera,

Elegiría mis miedos otra vez.

A father put an arrow

A father put an arrow in between

His children’s legs.

The child cried

But there was no purpose

Since the arrow stayed within

The father’s children’s legs.

No silence

There is no silence

There is no silence



No silence

No silence, no silence, no silence

There is

No silence

There is no silence


There is none

No silence, there is no

No silence, no, no, no

No silence, there is no silence



No silence

Within my mind.

The house

Who built the house?

A child asked.

Who built the house?

No one replied.

It was not you, it was not me.

The house,

The house was built by ghosts.

Daily life

Two eggs amongst morning philosophy.

Two abandoned eggs.

The eggs screamed;

They moved, they fought.

The fire kept them alive, it kept them sharp.

The two eggs tried, they resisted,

The pan was too deep.


The smoke

Surrendered the two eggs.

A story

Let me tell you a story,
One of those stories
Where fairies and wizards appear.

Let me tell you a story,
About a little girl
That couldn’t find her way.

Let me tell you a story,
Of how she couldn’t find
The wizard neither did the fairy tale.

The story continued long
With only her.

The little girl
Who in no time was no longer little.
The girl that had to find
The stories within herself.


Nothing lasts but the variety of forms.

Nothing lasts but the certainty of decay.

Nothing lasts between the whims of the wind.

Nothing lasts,

Remember, nothing lasts.


Should I find inspiration in the way

The black birds move from one tree to the other

As if they were expecting war?

Should I be inspired by the creaking concert of the clouds?

By how the wooden logs

Resemble death cadavers waiting for baptism?

Should I be inspired by the monumental line of the branch?

By the desolation of a fallen nest?

Should I, then, be inspired?

Inspiration flies away as soon

As I try to capture it with the movements of my hands.