Hobby Horse Ltd.

A Project by Blind Date Collaboration

David Palme, Frida Robles, Gerardo Montes de Oca Valadez, Konstantin Wolf, Marie-Christin Rissinger

At the Transeuropa Performance Festival

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Capital neoliberalism has emerged parallel to very complex, sometimes too evident and some other times very subtle forms of exploitation. It constantly develops new forms of commodification of life, creating necessities and reaching any possible human activity to be co-opted in order to profit. As part of these processes, today‘s market policies are dictating and administrating not only labour and the working life, but people‘s everyday life and the so called free time. In such context, free time is commodified and becomes a product to be consumed in the terms of the market. People are told to be free to choose and use their free time—when social and political, or exploitative, conditions allow it—but what often happens is that enterprises and market—also in accordance to policies—dictate the place, form, means, pace, time and logics of the consumption of it. It is in rare cases that the free time is genuinely self defined and self organised.

This project critically and satirically addresses to these issues as well as to the historical course of labour and its future possible trajectory in contemporary capitalist societies. It does not approach work directly but through what it is not, by means of one of its oppositional activities: the hobby. The notion of hobby refers to an activity that is realised for pleasure and does not lead to any sort of capitalist productivity or outcome.

Hence, we created a fictional company called Hobby Horse Ltd. which takes these logics to extreme over-identification in order to make visible the schizophrenic, directive and exploitative logics of labour. Persuasive and manipulative strategies of the market, commodification and administration of people‘s free time and life, forms of exploitation, bodily substitution and expertise as control are addressed.

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